SVG styler

The SVG styler replaces the confusing SVG transformation model with the CSS model and provides a simple API for path drawing.

const pathStyler = styler(document.getElementByTag('path'))

pathStyler.set({ pathLength: 50 })

Path drawing

Line drawing the process of using an SVG path element and its stroke-dasharray and stoke-dashoffset properties to emulate a pen drawing a line. This blog post explains the effect in more detail.

Stylefire supports both'stoke-dasharray' and stroke-dashorigin properties, but also provides:

  • pathLength
  • pathSpacing
  • pathOffset

These are all set as a progress of the total path length, from 0 to 100, which is automatically measured by Stylefire.

So you can define an animation from 0 to 100:

import { tween } from 'popmotion';
import styler from 'stylefire';

const path = document.querySelector('path');
const pathStyler = styler(polygon);

tween({ to: 100 }).start(
  v => pathStyler.set('pathLength', v)

In this example you can change the real path shape and length without having to update the animation.


Supported props

All SVG attributes are supported.

Prop types

For convenience and safety, many props are mapped to value types for safety and convenience.

  • fill: color
  • stroke: color
  • scale: scale
  • scaleX: scale
  • scaleY: scale
  • opacity: alpha
  • fillOpacity: alpha
  • strokeOpacity: alpha