React Pose has been deprecated in favour of Framer Motion. Read the upgrade guide

Enter/exit transitions

Animating components when they unmount has been historically tricky with React.

Pose for React’s PoseGroup component makes it trivial to animate one or more children components as they enter and exit.

In this tutorial, we’ll see how it can be used to make this modal animation:


To start, fork this CodeSandbox.

It’s set up with a setInterval that switches the visibility of two components, the modal, and its background overlay.

render() {
  return (
    this.state.isVisible && [
      <div key="shade" className="shade" />,
      <div key="modal" className="modal" />

Currently, both components snap in and out, so let’s make them smoothly animate instead!

Import Pose for React

First, we need to import Pose for React. This time, we’re going to be importing both posed and the PoseGroup component:

import posed, { PoseGroup } from 'react-pose';

Add PoseGroup

To start triggering animations when components enter and exit, we need to wrap them in PoseGroup.

PoseGroup needs to stay rendered at all times, and its children can be added and removed via logic. So wrap our isVisible check like so:

return (
    {this.state.isVisible && [
      <div key="shade" className="shade" />,
      <div key="modal" className="modal" />

Create posed components

As the shade and modal children are currently plain div components, they won’t animate. We need to replace them with posed components.

After the block of imports, add:

const Modal = posed.div();
const Shade = posed.div();

Then replace the two divs with our new components:

<Shade key="shade" className="shade" />,
<Modal key="modal" className="modal" />


By default, PoseGroup will fire a component’s enter pose when they enter (transitioning from its exit pose), and exit when they exit.

So let’s give our new Shade and Modal components enter and exit poses:

const Modal = posed.div({
  enter: { y: 0, opacity: 1 },
  exit: { y: 50, opacity: 0 }

const Shade = posed.div({
  enter: { opacity: 1 },
  exit: { opacity: 0 }

Now, your modal and its shade will animate in and out!

As usual you can play around with these poses to tweak the animation. For instance you can add a delay to Modal‘s enter pose to make it animate in a little after the Shade. Or provide it a custom transition to exit faster:

const Modal = posed.div({
  enter: { y: 0, opacity: 1, delay: 300 },
  exit: {
    y: 50,
    opacity: 0,
    transition: { duration: 200 }