HTML styler

When styler is provided a HTMLElement, it returns a styler capable of setting CSS and scroll props.

const divStyler = styler(document.getElementByTag('div'))

divStyler.set({ x: 0, scale: 1.2 })


A configuration argument can be optionally passed to styler as the second argument:

const divStyler = styler(div, {});


If set to false, Stylefire won’t optimise animations with the GPU.

This can result in higher image quality when scaling up elements.


Property alias

The following alias’ can be optionally used for setting CSS props:

  • x: translateX
  • y: translateY
  • z: translateZ
  • originX: transformOriginX
  • originY: transformOriginY
  • originZ: transformOriginZ

Transform property order

The transform property can be set directly, but in most cases it’s simpler to animate rotate, translate and scale as individual props.

In accordance with the CSS Transforms Level 2 spec, if set individually these properties will be set in the following order:

translate, scale, rotate

CSS variables

CSS variables can be set and animated just like any other property:

const htmlStyler = css(document.documentElement);

htmlRenderer.set('--bg-color', '#000');

Supported props

All CSS properties are supported, in addition to these scroll properties:

  • scrollX
  • scrollY

If window is passed to styler, these are the only two supported props.

Prop types

For convenience and safety, many props are mapped to value types for safety and convenience.

Color props

  • color: color
  • backgroundColor: color
  • outlineColor: color
  • fill: color
  • stroke: color

Border props

  • borderColor: color
  • borderTopColor: color
  • borderRightColor: color
  • borderBottomColor: color
  • borderLeftColor: color
  • borderWidth: px
  • borderTopWidth: px
  • borderRightWidth: px
  • borderBottomWidth: px
  • borderLeftWidth: px
  • borderRadius: px
  • borderTopLeftRadius: px
  • borderTopRightRadius: px
  • borderBottomRightRadius: px
  • borderBottomLeftRadius: px


  • width: px
  • maxWidth: px
  • height: px
  • maxHeight: px
  • top: px
  • left: px
  • bottom: px
  • right: px


  • rotate: degrees
  • rotateX: degrees
  • rotateY: degrees
  • rotateZ: degrees
  • scale: scale
  • scaleX: scale
  • scaleY: scale
  • scaleZ: scale
  • skewX: degrees
  • skewY: degrees
  • distance: px
  • translateX: px
  • translateY: px
  • translateZ: px
  • perspective: px
  • opacity: alpha


  • padding: px
  • paddingTop: px
  • paddingRight: px
  • paddingBottom: px
  • paddingLeft: px
  • margin: px
  • marginTop: px
  • marginRight: px
  • marginBottom: px
  • marginLeft: px