• Action

    Create a reactive stream of values.

    • Animation

      • Decay

        Exponential deceleration, primarily for use in momentum scrolling.

      • Every Frame

        Fires with timestamp, once every frame.

      • Keyframes

        Animate through a sequence of states.

      • Physics

        Integrated simulation of velocity, acceleration, friction and springs.

      • Spring

        Accurate, versatile spring animation.

      • Timeline

        Sequence a multitrack animation with full playback controls.

      • Tween

        Animate between two values over a set duration of time.

    • Calculators

      Simple functions useful in UI calculations.

      • Compositors

        • Chain

          Chain a sequence of actions, move to the next when the current one completes.

        • Composite

          Control a map of actions and output to that same structure.

        • Crossfade

          Fade between two numerical actions.

        • Delay

          Fires complete after the defined interval.

        • Merge

          Combine multiple actions into one output.

        • Parallel

          Control multiple actions in parallel and output as an array.

        • Schedule

          Use an action to control the output of another.

        • Stagger

          Stagger the execution of a series of actions.

      • Easing

        Functions that speed or slow a tween over time.

        • Framesync

          Schedule functions to run at specific steps on the render loop.

          • Input

            • Listen

              Creates a DOM event listener as an action stream.

            • Multitouch

              Tracks multitouch input.

            • Pointer

              Outputs the screen position of a single mouse or touch point.

          • Reactions

            • Multicast

              A reaction that multiple reactions can subscribe to.

            • Value

              Track value state and query velocity

          • Styler

            Style setters for CSS, SVG and scroll, optimized for animation.

            • CSS

              CSS Styler optimised for animation.

            • DOM Scroll

              Scroll viewport and DOM elements.

            • SVG

              SVG styler with simplified transformation model and line drawing support.

          • Transformers

            Simple composable functions that take a value and return a new one.

            • Value Types

              Parsers, transformers and tests for common style value types, eg: %, hex codes etc.